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little memory lane with no return

today is national day.
as usual, there will be lots of count down activities organized here and there lo.
normally, i wont be too excited by such kinds of activities.
but this year i had passed through my merdeka countdown in kmk.
obviously, it sounds quite boring to many of us but i think its quite meaningful to me la... hv fun there.......all of the chinese just gather in the field and chat here and there.......talking with others gossips.......quite meaningful to hv such activities.......to strengthen our bond....haha......
while the mc start the countdown in malays, all of us just also joint in but we did that in chinese........then after that sang many patriotic songs.....of coz, we juz sang "la la la la la la la " as dun know the actual lyrics.......every one like in their own excited state, nobody is in 1s1(ground state)......glad....
then depart at 7am back to pg....reach here around 10.30am. then rush to redbox...reach there at 11.30 am.......hv fun there and to celebrate my best friend, hong's bday(actually his bday alr over but juz dun hv time to celebrate 4 him until today lo, sorry, pai seh)../...then went 4 a movie-monster house.......okla, but juz may be i not quite suite to cartoon like movie....anyway, still enjoy it........then, everybody juz dismiss and went back......quite sad as happy moment will pass by rapidly......wondering why?
anyway, still enjoy the moment as we gathered together although i am extremely tired.....
so, Happy Bday hong!!!!!!!

little memory lane with no return

2moro going back to kmk liao lo!!!!
my longest holiday in kmk finally had come to an end liao!
of coz, feel very sad and sien lo....... but what to do, this is what we call "life"
as usual, rushing my tutorial at e last min and packing my luggage lo.
anyway, all a best to my f6 friends in ur mid term exam that is coming soon.
hope to c ya soon.
take good care of urself!
: )

little memory lane with no return

yesterday went out with cong and theng to redbox and GSC for a movie.
quite fun and happy lo!!!!!
we sang for 4 hours in redbox leh! so fortunate\!
normally they will provide us for 2 to 3 hours nia, but may be yesterday is weekday and thus fewer customers lo, then ma extended to 4 hours lo! haha!!!!
after that, we went to played "photo hunt" in the amusement park!
we tried to break the highest score there but fail to do so.
after that, went 4 teatime in Mc D lo.
finally, its 5 pm liao. then ma go 4 the movie.
the "GREAT" movie name called the break up .
and it is so interesting until the three of us were busy smsing inside the theatre.
and some more all of the audience in the theatre came in pairs.
may be we were not suit to the theme of the movie gua.
so, without wasting out time, we ma left the cinema after 45 mins the movie had started.
i ma suggested that we juz went to the other theatre la since it is still early ma.
n finally we went into the theatre that r screening superman the return lo.
very excited coz havent watch it yet. of coz, the movie already has been screened until the 1/2 way liao la.
and u know what, after bout 3 minutes, the movie ended!
qi si wo le, when we wanted to ran to the other theatre, a stupid guard blocked us!!
so, ma go off lo! then loitering around!
but it is still quite fun la!!
now ao nao liao lo, left 2 days nia.
still have tonnes of tutorials. die liao !
hope that these 2 days will pass extremely slowly!!!

1 of the pic taken in front of my college

another pic taken in front of cmart( e only mall in that area leh!!)

little memory lane with no return

today went back to clhs with cong......
when i first step into the school gate, feel a bit strange and weird....
then ma go to find some of my favourite tutors lo...
really feel happy to see them again, especially mrs goh(miss her xxy de voice), haha....
later went to lower 6 block to look for some of my friends lo during their recess time.
actually at 1st i am planning to return to clhs on wed, but suddenly cong said that he cant make it on wed, so ma change to tues lo.
when i 1st appear at the f6 block, some of them really look surprise lo. (coz they thought tht i will be there on wed 1 ma)
some of them even worse as they thought that i had stopped from my matriculation programme again.......i wonder whether i am the type that easily give up when facing with obstacle. i hope not !
anyway, i really miss my secondary life so much!
always loitering with my best friends during recess time.
after about 1/2 an hour, all of them have to leave.
although i really dont like to face the reality sometime, but i know that all of us have to face the music in this world. thus, i just try to live to the peak of my life and keep the sweet memories in my mind.
*a friend is someone who knows the song in ur heart and can sing it back to u when u have forgotten the melody of the whole song*

past..present..future.. ♥

i create my own memory lane for myself.. live with love and dreams

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