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little memory lane with no return

*** reflection of my world in my eyes ***
time flies... moments stayed in the past
i lived my life... in my own way
a way that might sound awkward to others... but tats me
suddenly, i felt i should jot down this part of my life at here
it stands a place in my past still
though it may sound insignificant to me at first
but it really means sth to me in my unconscious mind
so pathetic... lol
i knew a person during my last hols
we get close to each other, n be more than wat best friends did
i betrayed loneliness at last
we get close to each other
but somehow it did not go in the usual way it should
diff mind set lead us to the wrong manner of love lane
i ended it
at last
i admit i am immature in handling such thing
i learned to see things in a diff aspect through this r/s
thanks to L for helping me get rid of D
sounds selfish i know
but i appreciate u as friend still
thanks MQ for staying beside me everytime
tats all
be more mature
i wish
i can conquer d emptiness

little memory lane with no return

i wish nothing but the best for you
sometimes it lasts in love

but sometimes it hurts instead

past..present..future.. ♥

i create my own memory lane for myself.. live with love and dreams

creator ofmy memories

theng koe... tat's me... penang boy tat desires of dreaming n hoping for the best


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