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little memory lane with no return

*** i wish ***
to the ppl on the earth
i have started my 3 months hols now
right now!!!
when holiday blows into my minds, it will surely followed with a bunch of wishes and dreams to be done in my mind
well... here it goes
* wish that my elective in pg gh run silky smooth... lalala~~~
* wish that i could really study well during my hols.... sounds weird
haha.... anyway, i do really hope i can make it
* wish that i could gain weight
by the way, i have officially signed up a gym clun... celebrity fitness @ gurney
hope it does work well
* wish to have fun with my friends
clubs, pubs, bistros, k box... let me conquer u
* wish to earn some $.... part time jobs
i m up to a super desperate level to earn $ now
sorry JessieJ... i cant 4get bout d price tag...
i m into the mode of " i wan my $ bec, i wan my $ bec"
* wish to go for hols if possible
* shop to the max

so, i m officially bec
blink blink blink

little memory lane with no return

*** to you, my friend ***
... ... friend ... ...
a person who listens, supports, respects and shares with you
he/she supposed to be the person that knows you well
a true heart should be base for a healthy friendship
at least for me i do think of that... but does this apply for you?
we sometimes do have emotions or bad temper
an emotion that we hope to release it out or else it would blow out our mind
friend could be a great person to deal with
i agree with this.... yea, they are
however, it has a limit
mind you, or should i say mind ourselves,
nobody on this earth who actually have the responsibility to be
the victim of such ridiculous emotions.....
the same applies to our friends, including our best friend
they would try their best effort to bear with us...
exceeding the baseline limit would rather just distort the whole issue
nobody owe us anything
an equal balance would just strike d friendship towards a great one
a ridiculous and demanding irrespective bad temper would just get the thing worse
friends could bear with you for once, twice, thrice... but not forever
they owe you nothing
if you hope to get respect from your companions,
please do learn to give respect towards them
i treat you once as my best friend
we share, we talk, we hug
but without respect
nothing will be possible as last time
friend, i do heart u still
but with respect
sorry for being straightforward
but i just hope to make it clear
my dearest friend
'dumping a friend did hurt me much
the same goes to you, i guess
nobody wishes for that ending too'

~~p/s: this post is made as a reply to ur post:

little memory lane with no return

*** no regret ***
it has been sometimes since i noe u... like u... intoxicated w ur presence in my life
u sparkled out my life...
i was once tot that u r my destiny
but sooner or later
u make me realized tat u did not worth it
friends keep on reminding me to put a full stop to it
i tried... it's pretty damn hard... but finally i manage to put tat
may be i should rephrase it by saying tat i juz put a coma
i still put hopes with u... for u
wat a slutty me
m i???
no matter how slutty i m, i juz go for u
but now...
i somehow realised that u really really REALLY do not worth my love
no hopes should be poured into d rotting r/s anymore
for now onwards
i swear... i wont go for u anymore
no regret
it's really

past..present..future.. ♥

i create my own memory lane for myself.. live with love and dreams

creator ofmy memories

theng koe... tat's me... penang boy tat desires of dreaming n hoping for the best


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