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little memory lane with no return

yesterday went out with cong and theng to redbox and GSC for a movie.
quite fun and happy lo!!!!!
we sang for 4 hours in redbox leh! so fortunate\!
normally they will provide us for 2 to 3 hours nia, but may be yesterday is weekday and thus fewer customers lo, then ma extended to 4 hours lo! haha!!!!
after that, we went to played "photo hunt" in the amusement park!
we tried to break the highest score there but fail to do so.
after that, went 4 teatime in Mc D lo.
finally, its 5 pm liao. then ma go 4 the movie.
the "GREAT" movie name called the break up .
and it is so interesting until the three of us were busy smsing inside the theatre.
and some more all of the audience in the theatre came in pairs.
may be we were not suit to the theme of the movie gua.
so, without wasting out time, we ma left the cinema after 45 mins the movie had started.
i ma suggested that we juz went to the other theatre la since it is still early ma.
n finally we went into the theatre that r screening superman the return lo.
very excited coz havent watch it yet. of coz, the movie already has been screened until the 1/2 way liao la.
and u know what, after bout 3 minutes, the movie ended!
qi si wo le, when we wanted to ran to the other theatre, a stupid guard blocked us!!
so, ma go off lo! then loitering around!
but it is still quite fun la!!
now ao nao liao lo, left 2 days nia.
still have tonnes of tutorials. die liao !
hope that these 2 days will pass extremely slowly!!!

1 of the pic taken in front of my college

another pic taken in front of cmart( e only mall in that area leh!!)

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