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little memory lane with no return

yeah.... i will be having about 2 and a half weeks of holiday in pg...
since my return to usm after year break, bioethics stuffs have been learned...
after tat, days with nightmare had come...
'night of cfcs' had made me frus n down....
presentation slide.... data analysis.....interview.... intervention plan.... everything was just crushing into my mind....
then of coz.... there ll be small quarrel when we did work in grp.... no exception for tis time as well...
but when we had gone thru all those days n left 4 our 3rd residency, sth happened...
huh... H1N1 had made all our intervention stuff to be postponed to nov.... is it good to hv our plan to be postponed n get bk few more days holiday in return? i still doubt bout tat....
ok then.... rushing back to campus n try to run bk from kltn as rumour of quarantine in our campus will be started soon....
haha... but acually everything looks fine in our campus.... no quarantine action yet... but who cares???? residency is been cancelled = nth to do for the coming few days... might go bk as well
so nw, i m officially bk to pg lor....
hv a new haircut n dyed my hair.. again.. hhaha
everyone.... plz stay healthy ya!!!

past..present..future.. ♥

i create my own memory lane for myself.. live with love and dreams

creator ofmy memories

theng koe... tat's me... penang boy tat desires of dreaming n hoping for the best


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